Reform The Resistance to Release New Album on Wuli Records — ‘The Truth is Dangerous’ Releases Digitally Worldwide on April 26th, 2011 and Physically on May 17th, 2011

Restructured and rejuvenated REFORM THE RESISTANCE is pleased to announce the April 26th, 2011 worldwide digital release and May 17th, 2011 physical release of their upcoming Wuli Records album, The Truth is Dangerous.  The album consists of a concise but extremely potent mix of monstrous sing-a-long choruses, mosh-pit-inducing breakdowns, fascinating rhythms, instrumentation, and vocals that becomes more alluring with each listen. The Truth is Dangerous is sure to be one of most visible rock albums of 2011. Check out a new video of the guys discussing their love for Wuli Records and their new album on YouTube, and listen to some new music atthis link.

The Truth is Dangerous was completed in October 2010 and was produced by REFORM THE RESISTANCE vocalist/guitarist Jason Moncivaiz. The entire album was recorded and produced in Moncivaiz’s personal studio, with exception of the drums which were recorded in Chicago, IL at Gravity Studios. After finishing the master of The Truth is Dangerous in October 2010, Gravity Studios owner Doug McBride happened to be mastering several Wuli Record’s albums and passed The Truth is Dangerous to Wuli Records owners Louis Svitek and Ryan McGuire. Svitek and McGuire were thrilled with the band’s sound and signed the band in March 2011.

“This is an emotionally heavy record,” states Jason Moncivaiz. “My brother Sambo and I recently both went through divorces around the same time. Out of a need to cope and release our feelings, as musicians we released them into song. This record is real and genuine. We were at a low place, but we still had a lot of hope. Especially being Christians, our faith also helped us get through and see the light at the end of the tunnel. The writing of The Truth is Dangerous helped us grow as people and aided us in learning from our mistakes.”


1. Kill Lies

2. Tonight We Ride

3. Depressed but Alive

4. Starlight

5. Are You One of Us or Are You One of Them

6. Mercy in Blood

7. This Present Darkness

8. Midnight Session

9. If I Can Survive

10. You

11. We Belong Together

REFORM THE RESISTANCE is comprised of former Justifide members Jason Moncivaiz (vocals/guitar) and Sambo Moncivaiz (bass) of Phoenix, AZ and drummer Ryan Dugger (drums) of Nashville, TN. After releasing their second album with their previous band, the group grew tired of feeling that their label wasn’t matching their level of motivation or supporting their dreams of succeeding in the Christian music industry. The band began to feel that creating music was becoming a job and the fun was lost from the process. Coupled with the fact that the band never felt they were a stereotypical Christian band but not quite right for the regular music industry either, the band decided to split up and the Moncivaiz brothers shaped REFORM THE RESISTANCE in 2007. The creation of REFORM THE RESISTANCE represented freedom within their songwriting, as well as the ability to be themselves.

By mid-2007, the Moncivaiz brothers had solidified the basis of the group, but they needed to find a drummer that would fit both musically and personally. Halfway across the country in Nashville, TN, Ryan Dugger’s little sister stumbled across a “drummer wanted” ad on Justifide’s old website written by the Moncivaiz brothers. After making a connection, the brothers agreed to meet up with Ryan and after jamming and practicing a few previously written songs, the brothers decided that Ryan would mesh perfectly with the band. REFORM THE RESISTANCE was formed and finally ready to move forward as a complete and unified band.

From Deftones to Radiohead to Coldplay, the band’s sound encompasses a plethora of influences. But to say the sound is “radio rock” would be false. The band describes their sound as including bits of electronica, hip-hop, and even sometimes R&B, all with a hard rock overtone. With the ability to mesh influences, all while creating a new sound and speaking their minds, REFORM THE RESISTANCE offers a breath of fresh air amongst carbon-copy bands. REFORM THE RESISTANCE represents uniqueness and “truth” in the rock music scene, and the truth… is dangerous.


Wuli Records is a full-service record label, independent recording, merchandising, publishing and promotion company. Owners Louis Svitek and Ryan McGuire are dedicated to artist development and final recorded product distribution. Wuli Records owns and operates two studios in the Chicago area, Sviteknolgy Studios and Studio Ten23, and these self-described studio rats know that a first class recording is imperative to creating quality sounds. Wuli Records is known for kick-starting the career of American Idol winner Lee DeWyze by releasing two of his first independent records. Wuli Records is also the current record label for The Redd and The Waking. Label co-owner Louis Svitek is known for his position as guitarist in the groups M.O.D., Ministry, Mind Funk, and more.

For more information on REFORM THE RESISTANCE, please visit these locations:


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