Florida’s Own AUDIO HAMMER STUDIOS Churns Out Over 41,000 Records Combined Sold This Week


Jason Suecof, Ronn Miller, Mark Lewis, Eyal Levi

 This week alone, famed-producer and new GOOD FIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Production Division team member Jason Suecof and his studio, AUDIO HAMMER STUDIOS in Sanford, FL, have churned out a staggering 41,000 records combined sold! Just this year, AUDIO HAMMER STUDIOS has been responsible for recording and producing some of metal’s top records, including Trivium’s In Waves, August Burns Red’s Leveler (debuted at #11 last week on the Billboard Top 200), The Black Dahlia Murder’s Ritual (debuted at #29 last week on the Billboard Top 200), Unearth’s Darkness In The Light, Charred Walls Of The Damned’s upcoming album, and many more. Coming up this year, the studio will be behind the boards for several more of today’s hottest bands in the metal realm.

“What can a man with crazy legs say, I’m stoked,” states Suecof. “It’s so cool to me that all of my friends get to work together and make music, and then sometimes you have an awesome week like we did this week, and I’m so proud of everyone that was involved! I personally could not have done it without the hard work of Mark Lewis, who produced The Black Dahlia Murder, Eyal Levi who engineered the August Burns Red and The Black Dahlia Murder mix with me, and of course Ronn Miller (additional engineering, DVD/VIDEO), and Jeremy Frost, guitar set-ups for AUDIO HAMMER STUDIOS and beyond! Thanks to everyone involved with this album. Good Fight, Metal Blade, Tooth & Nail, and Solid State Records, and of course thanks to the fans because without them we have no one to make music for!”

Eyal Levi of metal band Daath recently partnered with Suecof to expand the AUDIO HAMMER STUDIOS. A magnificent drum room, new control room, and guest quarters for bands have been added. The studio is now located on a six acre compound, now featuring a total of three control rooms,  two live rooms, and more. More expansions plans are underway. Trivium’s Colin Richardson christened the room for the band’s upcoming record, In Waves, and called it, “the best drum room he’s worked in to date”. Check out a video of August Burns Red using the new drum room here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGSPsIc4u9k

For more information on AUDIO HAMMER STUDIOS, please visit www.audiohammerstudios.com. The site is under construction, so keep checking back for updates!



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