Sick Puppies: Live at the Riviera Theater February 24, 2010

As I’m sitting here with the concert fresh in my mind and the ringing in my ears just beginning to subside, I’d have to say Sick Puppies throw down one hell of a concert.  Front man Shimon Moore is about as crazy, charismatic, and energetic as you’d want a lead singer to be.  He walks out on stage, entices the crowd, and does what he knows best. He has fantastic crowd interaction constantly reminding his fans that their not singing loud enough.  Halfway through the concert he thanks us for not sitting on our ass’s at home watching TV, but instead decided to go to a rock concert. It kind of made you feel bad for the people that weren’t there.

Bassist Emma Anzai is also as mesmerizing as Mr. Moore but all without saying a word.  I’m pretty sure the large majority of the concert goers were all smitten. Dressed up in her goth/rock regalia while her hair is flying in the wind due to a fan on stage…
It’d be hard not to be.

Shimon and Emma (Australia) combined with drummer Mark Goodwin (Los Angeles) all put on a great show live, exhibiting chemistry rarely found on stage.  They have a great mixture of medium tempo, girlfriend friendly songs such as, “All The Same,” to hard rock mosh pitting songs like “You’re Going Down,” of which spawned the largest mosh pit I’ve seen in recent history.  I had no choice but to join the encircled festivities. Sick Puppies is a must see concert, especially for all you pit lovers. You will be entertained, oh yes…and you will be rocked.

By: Mark Bafia & Randy Hall

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