Columbia, SC rockers Crossfade have signed with Eleven Seven Music.  Home to some of today’s most influential rock groups such as Motley Crue, Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Buckcherry and more, Crossfade are scheduled to release their latest effort, We All Bleed in June 2011.

 We All Bleed, the band’s third album, delves into familiar lyrical themes of betrayal and isolation, but there’s also more than a hint of renewal and resolution.  “A lot has changed over the past three years,” says lead vocalist and co-songwriter Ed Sloan.  “Being down and out is something I’ve had to confront like never before. There’s been pain, but I’ve also learned to dwell less on the negative, so there’s a feeling of rebirth, too.”

 The album’s 10 tracks, produced by the band, maintain the sonic thunderclap of Crossfade’s previous efforts, while propelling its guitar-grinding signature with a tapestry of orchestration and programming, and a flourish of keyboards, thanks to the addition of Les Hall and drummer Mark Castillo to the permanent line-up, alongside Sloan, bassist Mitch James.

 While recording and practicing for We All Bleed, the guys decided to film themselves and created an EPK which AOL Noisecreep is currently premiering.  Check it out here:

 Highlights on We All Bleed include “Dear Cocaine,” a slow burner that addresses letting go of addiction; “I Think You Should Know,” offering a deceptively temperate arrangement behind a lyric about escaping reality by retreating in sleep; and “Killing Me Inside,” a straightforward assailing classic Crossfade rock ‘n’ roll anthem, albeit with a touch of crafty orchestration.

 “Killing Me Inside,” the first single off We All Bleed is available to purchase on iTunes.  Get it here:

 Crossfade’s debut self-titled, self-produced album was released on Columbia Records in 2004, which spawned top 10 Mainstream Rock hits “Cold,” “So Far Away” and “Colors”-propelling the album to platinum status.  Follow-up 2006 disc Falling Away, fostered hits “Invincible” and “Drown You Out,” but with second album sales down amid an industry-wide slump in the music business, the band was cut from the roster.

 Ultimately, Sloan is convinced that followers of Crossfade will find comfort in familiar lyrical themes, while appreciating the new aural amplitude.  “Crossfade fans will hear and feel the things they know from us,” he says. “It’s pouring out our hearts, as we’ve always done.  But sonically, there is a new inflection.  We’ve always been dark, and people need that as a backdrop to things they’re enduring in their lives, but I like to think it’s poignant, too.  There’s a new level of positivity that gets you ready to face the day.”


4/5 – Chattanooga, TN  @ Rhythm & Brews

4/6 – Jackson, MS  @ Club Fire

4/7 – Houma, LA  @ The City Club

4/8 – Tallahassee, FL  @ Floyd’s Music Store

4/9 – Columbia, SC  @ Carolina Homegrown Music Festival

4/12 – Clarksville, TN  @ The Warehouse

4/13 – Memphis, TN  @ Newby’s

4/15 – Mobile, AL  @ Soul Kitchen

4/16 – Birmingham, AL  @ Zydeco

4/17 – Charleston, SC  Music Farm

5/21 – Columbus, Oh  @ Rock On The Range

5/24 – Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop

5/26 – Allentown, PA  @ Crocodile Rock

5/28 – Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club 

Stay up-to-date with all things Crossfade by going to the links below:

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