Foo Fighters new album “Wasting Light”, Documentary “Back and Forth” review

For me, something has always been missing from the Nirvana story.  Like an open wound that won’t heal.  Dave Grohl’s story has always been intriguing, but his actual side of the Nirvana saga was always missing.  Back and Forth, the Foos’ new documentary finally places the triple antibiotic on that wound.  Yes, folks, its time to heal. 

 From the beginning of Grohl’s time in Nirvana, to the Foo Fighters’ latest studio time on Wasting Light, Back and Forth covers it all.  The new album, produced by Butch Vig (Nevermind, member of Garbage), is the latest and greatest chapter in the band’s history.  It’s a perfect evolution of the band and a real rock album in a time dominated by Pro Tools and computer recording.  The album was cut in Grohl’s garage by way of analog tape, also a first for the band.  It marks the first time in 20 years that Grohl, Vig, and Krist Novoselic recorded together, let alone stood in the same room together.  The former Nirvana bassist appears on the track, I Should Have Known, which leaves the mind wondering, if of any track written by Grohl, if this is indeed of Nirvana’s ending and the Foos’ beginning.  Pat Smear also comes back for this record, making it a true Foo collaboration. 

Key Tracks:  “I Should Have Known”, “Walk”, “Rope”


Randy H. of  The Rock Tribune

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