NONONO’s “Pumpin Blood” is the iTunes Single Of The Week.

 Download For Free Now *Debut EP Out Now Digitally in USA/Canada


Announce First Ever American Tour Dates in NYC, LA and SF * Booked For Jimmy Kimmel Live! 10/22

It’s a big week for Swedish import NONONO. Their catchy as hell single, “Pumpin Blood,” was selected by iTunes as their “Single Of The Week” and is now available as a free download. Additionally, the trio’s debut five song EP, appropriately titled the Pumpin Blood EP, is out now digitally in the USA and Canada.

NONONO, aka lead singer Stina Wappling, and the production duo Astma & Rocwell, will be coming to America for the first time in October, headlining Mercury Lounge in NYC on Tuesday, October 15th, and just announced Popscene in San Francisco on October 23rd at The Rickshaw Stop and Popshop in Los Angeles October 24th at The Echo. October 22nd will see NONONO make their network TV debut in the US, they’ll be performing “Pumpin Blood” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


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“Pumpin Blood” iTunes Single Of The Week

“Pumpin Blood” Official Video on YouTube

“Pumpin Blood” Stream on Soundcloud

 “Pumpin Blood” EP iTunes Buy Link

More About NONONO:  

NONONO’s “Pumpin Blood” is spreading across the interwebs and climbing the Alternative radio charts with purpose, becoming omnipresent by way of subliminal infiltration. You either know the song already or you’re not yet aware that you know it. “Pumpin Blood” is the soundtrack to a new Sparkling Ice campaign that’s now running. The song is shooting up the radio charts thanks to early support from influential stations like KROQ/LA, KYSR/LA, WKQX/Chicago, LIVE105/SF, WHFS/Baltimore, KROX/Austin, Sirius/Alt Nation and Music Choice “Pumpin Blood” represents just one angle of the NONONO sound however. Other songs such as “Down Under,” and “Like The Wind” fluctuate across styles, genres and moods. “Pumpin Blood” is the bait that will allow their other angles to be discovered on their upcoming debut album.


NONONO’s “Pumpin Blood” is now for sale on iTunes, Amazon and all other DSP’s and streaming on Spotify. Check out the official video for  “Pumpin Blood,” stream the song onSoundcloud and take a listen to the Shapeshifters Remix of “Pumpin Blood,” which just premiered on Vice/Noisey and is exclusively for sale on Beatport as part of a remix package.

As Stina affirms: “There’s something that ties the sound of the songs together but they’re all a little bit of different. We never wanted to decide upon a genre or what the NONONO sound was. We just always go with what we felt like and what inspired us that day – you go from being happy to being sad to being shallow to being deep, so whatever mood we’ve been in that’s what song will emerge.”


Part of the identity of the band is sourced from the freedom that emerged when they all turned down musical projects that they weren’t comfortable with. But, as Stina explains, that can be applied across other areas of life too: “Most of the time people want to say yes, like, ‘Yes, I want the job’ or ‘Yes, I want to be your girlfriend.’ But it’s a lot harder to say no. It’s really important to live your life for yourself, and what things you want to do and what relationships you want to keep.”


NONONO is a triumph of the positive aspect of negative thinking.


Confirmed NONONO US Tour Dates:

10/15 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge (Ticket Link)

10/22 – Los Angeles, CA – Jimmy Kimmel Live!

10/23 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop (Popscene) (Ticket Link)

10/24 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo (Popshop) (Ticket Link)

Official Website:




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