COCAINE MOUSTACHE: New Album, ‘On The Mirror’ OUT NOW on Reversed Records – Available for Purchase Now on iTunes and CD Baby!

Are you tired of the mundane societal pressures and trends that make music generic, sterile, and emotionless? Can you remember the last time when a song actually made you feel something other than wanting to buy the latest pair of designer jeans, or take a dump? Do you wish your emo neighbors would just cut themselves already? Are you ready to party?

Don’t fret! COCAINE MOUSTACHE’s debut album, On The Mirror, is ready for the world to inhale now with purchase from iTunes or CD Baby! The album will go on sale in Canada in January 2012. An orgy for the ears, this is the perfect soundtrack to a world that is in need of a killer party.

Singer White Willie Sniffsum only has one thing to say, “If this record isn’t the best thing you’ve heard in decades, GO FUCK YOURSELF!”

Conceived in 2009 when an ongoing party turned into a band, COCAINE MOUSTACHE created “Good Time” songs, influenced by soul, rock, blues, and funk with a hard edge. COCAINE MOUSTACHE joined forces in 2010 with Reversed Records and Producer/Juno Award winning engineer Rob Shallcross, who has captured these epic sessions. The result is this nine track sonic cocktail of booze-fueled anthems that will be one of most dangerous sounding rock records to come out since the ’80’s. Starting with a sell-out crowd at their first show, COCAINE MOUSTACHE quickly made a name for themselves. This uncontrollable party has helped them to land opening slots for Nashville Pussy3 Inches Of Blood, and The Dayglo Abortions.

COCAINE MOUSTACHE “On The Mirror” tracklisting:

1.         The Drip

2.         Out Of My Hands

3.         Better Back In Time

4.         The Pledge

5.         Cocaine Moustache

6.         Garbage Bags And Shovels

7.         On The Mirror

8.         Worst Of Me

9.         Bleed My Last Breath



White Willie Sniffsum (Vocals)

Vinnie Railtrail (Bass)

Bill ”Hundred Dollar” Rollins (Guitar)

Dr. Cleanplate (Drums)

Schnick Von Schlutzzz (Guitar)


For more information on COCAINE MOUSTACHE, please visit these websites:!/TheStacheBand

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