Baltimore, MD rock band Evolver is gearing up for the iTunes release of their debut self titled album on November 8th through Thrive Music Group.  The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Brian Virtue (Chevelle, 30 Seconds To Mars, Jane’s Addiction) and mastered by Brian Johnson (Nickelback).

Evolver is a hard rock band hailing from Baltimore Maryland whose music is heavy and powerful with catchy wide-open vocal melodies. It was this combination that caught the ears of Union Entertainment Group Managers Dave Loncao and Kevin “Chief” Zaruk, who, upon hearing the bands demo and seeing them perform Live, immediately signed Evolver to a management deal.   

Track Listing

 1. Never Surrender
 2. Lush
 3. Headshot
 4. Our Last Goodbye
 5. An Offering
 6. Little Things
 7. Burned Again
 8. Broken Down
 9. Mr. Talk Show
10. Empty Promises
11. Welcome to my World


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