Founded in 2000 in North Carolina, WIDOW has released three albums: “Midnight Strikes” (2003), “On Fire” (2005) and “Nightlife” (2007). Their new work “Life’s Blood” is the first WIDOW album, which will be released through Pure Steel Records.

Bravewords is hosting an exclusive stream of the song “I Scream For Ice Queen” on their “Knuckle Tracks” Player. Get your first listen HERE.

Gun Shy Assassin is streaming the song “Embrace It” HERE

Noisecreep is also streaming a track entitled “Take Hold of the Night” HERE.

Pure Steel Records and WIDOW have just unveiled a special promotional trailer for the new album. Check it out HERE

On the twelve tracks you’ll get a great mixture of fresh heaviness and enthralling melodies. The inclined listener will hit more than a smell of NWoBHM, of course together with some well-known North American Bands, but never forgetting the European origins. Sometimes the guys pound through sublime mid-tempo areas (“Embrace It” and “Behind The Light”), a bit faster they get by twin-guitar-orgies such as “Take Hold Of The Night”, “The Burning Ones” or the last song “The One I Know”. Of course they also offer some calm parts, with the songs “Another Fallen Angel” and “In Dreams”. The production is powerful yet traditional , so you can expect a bold sound, without faceless sterile prodcution.

The clear, very outstanding vocals, which are sometimes a bit emotional too, fits perfect to the majestic twin-guitar-leads, so no follower of this genre will be disappointed! In short: WIDOW is North American Power Metal.


1. Lady Twilight

2. In Dreams

3. Take Hold of the Night

4. Another Fallen Angel

5. Embrace it

6. Behind the Light

7. The Burning Ones

8. Live Beyond

9 Judgment Day

10. I Scream for Ice Queen

11. Remembering

12. The one I know

Total Playing Time: 48:12 min


Midnight Strikes (2003)

On Fire (2005)

Nightlife (2007)


Drums: Peter Lemieux

Vocals/Bass: John E. Wooten

Guitars: Chris Bennett




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