CypherSeer are currently in the studio working on their follow up to their last release “Origins”. Guitarist Sergio Ribiero has checked in with an update on the bands progress:

First order of business- CypherSeer would like to announce that for the next record, Martin Brändström from the band Dark Tranquillity, will be laying down all the keyboard work. After months searching and speaking with some of the industry’s best and most respected keyboardists, Martin just absolutely blew us away with his ideas and playing. We felt an immediate connection and we felt his keyboard style would fit our music the best, since we are aiming for a more updated overall sound on the up-coming record. 

Speaking of our new record…We are currently recording demos to be shipped out for editing, and soon after that, the actual recording will begin. As of right now the projected date for the start of recording is mid January. In terms of the actual songs, we feel that we are getting ever-closer to the sound that defines CypherSeer. We were very meticulous and made sure all the songs were to their absolute potential before we started demoing them. In comparison to “Origins”, the new songs are darker, heavier and took an overall ominous direction, which is something absolutely new to us, but at the same time it felt very organic when we were in the writing process. Nothing was forced and we tried to do away with as much “filler” as possible. Also in this next album, we conclude the “Haunted Saga” story, with 3 more songs. The story ends in a dramatic, epic battle that makes one think if such thing is possible – no lack of creativity here.

CypherSeer will be playing a few shows in between the recording – Jan 6th at Kaza Rock in Newark NJ (other bands in the bill tbd) and on Jan 11 at The Gramercy Theater in NYC with legendary metal band Sanctuary.

We also have setup an online store – – selling all our t-shirts. More merchandise to be added soon.

CypherSeer’s latest release “Origins” is available for purchase HERE.

The vision, sound, and drive are completely in sync, as a new era begins…

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