German power metal legends PRIMAL FEAR are gearing up for the release of their new album “Unbreakable” this January. Recently the band shot a video in Nurnberg, Germany for the song “Bad Guys Wear Black”. Today the video is being premiered on Frontiers’ Records official YouTube Channel. Watch it HERE.

Unbreakable” combines the skills of the strongest PRIMAL FEAR line-up ever, with a well-balanced “back to the roots” vibe and an ambitious learning process that took place during their longest tour so far. Classic and ultra-fresh PRIMAL FEAR riff-rockers like “Strike”, “Give Em Hell” or the high speed track “And There Was Silence” will hit the bulls-eye, like the rhythm paced metal anthem, first single and new video clip “Bad Guys Wear Black”. Less experiments, more rock! But there will be a nine-minute epic journey with prog approach named “Where Angels Die”, a classic wonderful ballad “Born Again” and the melodic power bomb “Metal Nation”. Singer Ralf Scheepers adds: “the plan was to record an album for the fans with rough metal riffs, screaming vocals and good melodies …… and finally it became a monster – a tough ‘bang-your-head’ metal album called “Unbreakable“.
Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt are worldwide respected guitarists – together they are unbeatable! Ralf Scheepers vocal performance shines brightly on a new level on the new album. And what can go wrong if you’re backed by one of the best rhythm sections in metal with Randy Black and Mat Sinner? Plus backing vocals by the “Fantastic Four”: Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner, Erik Martensson and Oliver Hartmann. You can hear the results on Primal Fears new statement called “Unbreakable“!


Unbreakable” was produced by Mat Sinner, engineered and mixed by Achim Koehler at the House Of Music studios and some more studios in Germany & Sweden between the summer and autumn of 2011 and will include the following tracks:


Unbreakable (Part1)

Strike; Give ‘Em Hell

Bad Guys Wear Black

And There Was Silence

Metal Nation; Where Angels Die

Unbreakable (Part 2)

Marching Again

Born Again

Blaze Of Glory

Conviction; Night Of The Jumps (Bonus Track)*

Bad Guys Wear Black (Video)*
* Only available in the first pressing in digipak

Primal Fear Lineup

Ralf Scheepers – Vocals
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Magnus Karlsson – Guitar, Keyboards
Randy Black – Guitars
Mat Sinner – Bass & Vocals

For more info visit:

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