(NEW YORK, NY) – Michigan rock band POP EVIL have released a brand new song today called “Unstoppable.” ESPN has debuted the track HERE. We are very excited to announce the addition of two new songs to our iTunes Deluxe Version of ‘War of Angels: ‘Unstoppable’ and a new acoustic version of ‘Monster You Made,'” says front man Leigh Kakaty.

Produced by Johnny K, this is the first time the band has released all new material since their highly viral Michigan Wolverines football fight song which debuted over the summer.

Kakaty continues, “We recently had a break from the road to go into the studio with Johnny K. We knew we wanted to release these tracks soon so our fans would have something to kick off the new year! They deserve it, they’ve been there for us through the thick and thin!”

Unstoppableis about the obstacles we dealt with as a band during the past year. Going through a six month battle with our former record label and the loss of our drummer were both stressful for us as a band. Despite these obstacles, we still managed to overcome them all while playing over 200 shows this year!”

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