Montreal, January, 2012 – The Montreal-based rock-alternative band GLO is back with a new single : “Don’t Believe”. The first single from GLO’s upcoming album “No One Hears Me” hits radio stations across Canada this week.

Written by GLO, three extraordinarily talented musicians, and produced by platinum-certified record producer John Nathaniel, “Don’t Believe” will soon be available on iTunes. Currently, the band is preparing for the album launch and shooting a new video. The 5 tracks album recorded in Montreal, “No One Hears Me”, will be out in April 2012.

About GLO :

Comprised of Eddie Mazzola (guitarist / keyboardist & bassist), Patrick Rowan (drummer) and Riccardo “Rick” Cordi (vocalist / rhythm guitars), GLO has had much success in Canada with their previous album called “On The Outside”. The lead single off that album – “Move Along” – took over the rock charts for four solid months — an accomplishment by any standards, let alone one for a completely autonomous band. Every recording on their previous CD — including the song “Move Along” was tracked, produced and engineered in Mazzola’s own studio, but for the final mix the group turned to veteran Los Angeles producer/engineer Paul Lani (Red Hot Chili Peppers & Megadeath).

For more information :

Listen to “Don’t Believe” here

GLO official website

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