Review: Fall from Grace “The Romance Years”

Back in action once again is Fall from Grace, a punk/alternative band hailing from the great Seattle, Washington scene. With the region producing punk/alt acts in the past such as Sonic Youth and Nirvana, it’s almost a given that Fall from Grace will have great success. “The Romance Years” is their second major label album, and given the revamped lineup, it’s clear FFG are ready to hit the road backed by their new record label “Road 2 Hell Rekkids.”  This emotion packed bundle of joy is just a small taste of big things to come, and and getting lost in this album makes it easy to remember how great the music of the early 90’s was, and the impact that was left on bands to come.

The Romance Years opens with “Your Majesty,” a catchy, upbeat, old school underground punk influenced track that sets the tone for this entire album. Remember who the winners of Fuse TV’s Bodog Music Battle of the Bands 2004 was? Ahhh…that’s right…now you remember. There are a few songs that stand above the others and are worthy of recognition. One being a tune titled “Heart Attack Road,” which echoes the ol’ chasing your dreams and achieving success that one wants out of life.  Lyrics PLUS Riffs EQUALS amazing…and arguably the best on the album. “18 and Out,” “A Train Leaves London,” and “The Romance Years” are winners too.

The losers: “Fade 2 Gray,” and “Maybe I’m Outa My Head”

Pick up “The Romance Years”…there’s a little something for everyone.

– Logan Rendulic, Randy Hall TRT

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