Preview: These Hearts “Yours to Take”

The new album “Yours to Take” by These Hearts is a beautiful fusion of Pop-Punk and Hardcore breakdowns that will to appeal to thousands of fans.  Their ability to comfortably fuse the genres is a preview of things to come, and given they’ve signed to Victory Records (who has had past experience with an array of artists like A Day to Remember, Hawthorne Heights, and Otep) proves that the opportunity to grow and flourish is there.

Key tracks?  The opener “This is Love,” is a song not just about the struggles of making it as a band, but also a thanks to those fans who believed in them from the beginning and helped get to the point they’re at today.  “The Inconvenience” showcases their hardcore influence, and may possibly be the heaviest on the list.  As the album winds down, you stumble upon the songs that have that Pop-Punk vibe to them, and you can really start to see how well they were able to blend the two different genres.

With that being said, this album is solid start to finish even though it has a few hit and misses along the way. With Victory’s track record of taking good bands and making them great, there should be nothing for These Hearts to worry about…a few more years of experience on the scene and they should one of the top touring bands on this label’s roster.

Release Date:  7/9/2013

Victory Records


Logan Rendulic, The Rock Tribune

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