August 27, 2013 – Hailing from Knoxville, TN, indie rock trio ECHOES have been making a name for themselves throughout the Midwest.  Pulling influence from The Smiths, Block Party and Interpol to name a few, ECHOES deliver smart, intricate tunes with a solid bass groove.  The group’s 4-track debut digital EP ‘We Give You Escape’ is out today, and with mastering by Kevin Bartley [Billy Idol, The Decembrists, Hawthorne Heights] at Capitol Studios, the band can only hope fans are as pleased as they are with the EP.
The EP can be heard HERE, and is also available on iTunes here.  ECHOES will also be releasing the music video for their single “Young Heretics” with VEVO on September 3rd.
Track List:
01. Young Heretics
02. Sun Kata
03. This Calls For Blood
04. Blindness
For more information on ECHOES, visit:

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