VATTNET VISKAR streaming debut album SKY SWALLOWER on Pitchfork today


Los Angeles, CA – New Hampshire Black Metal quartet VATTNET VISKAR are now streaming their entire new album on Pitchfork.  Sky Swallower is set to hit stores on September 3 via Century Media and has already caught the attention of heavy music lovers thanks to three single song streams in the past few weeks.  Now you can get the full album experience thanks to our friends at Pitchfork.  Check out the album here:

SKY SWALLOWER track-listing:

1. New Alchemy

2. Fog of Apathy

3. Monarch

4. Breath of the Almighty

5. Ascend

6. Mythos

7. As I Stared Into the Sky

8. Apex

*Cover art by Bryan Proteau (Pallbearer).





9/12/2013 Rocky Point Cantina Tempe AZ
9/14/2013 Launchpad Albuquerque NM
9/16/2013 Club Dada Dallas TX
9/18/2013 The Firebird St. Louis MO
9/19/2013 Diamond Pub & Billiards Louisville KY
9/20/2013 Montage Music Hall Rochester NY
9/21/2013 The Summit Columbus OH
9/22/2013 Montage Music Hall Rochester NY



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