Review: Emmure – Live at Altar Bar Pittsburgh, PA 3/7/2014

The Mosh Lives Tour is the second tour to come to the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh with a stacked line up. With Emmure headlining, it was bound to be a kickass tour, especially with support from killer bands Volumes and Thy Art is Murder, including two big up and coming bands (Sworn In and Gideon).  Altar Bar was sold out, and if this first show is a sign of things to come you better be ready for one hell of a beating.  From the first song to the last note, shit got CRAZY in Pittsburgh!  There was everything from hardcore dancing to stage diving, and even some blood shed… and that was just the first two bands!
Sworn In kicked things off…these guys are in the process of taking the industry by storm and are sure to be headlining these intense tours within a year or so.  They’re just a group of young kids who play really heavy music and write deep dark lyrics that connect with kids so well, and they have showmanship like no other.  If you’re into any kind of deathmetal/deathcore, then they are a band that needs to be on your radar.

The second band to take stage is Alabama hardcore band: Gideon.  They have been working like crazy the past three years or so playing tour after tour and leaving every bit of themselves on stage after every performance.  Next to perform was Thy Art is Murder and Volumes; both bands brought the roof down (like there was any left to be brought down after Sworn In and Gideon) and made everyone in the building get up off their feet.  During both sets there were circle pits all over the venue on top of kids stage diving and guitar players climbing on speakers for solos and epic bass drops.

Last but certainly not least, was Victory Records flagship band Emmure, led by Frankie Palmeri. Frankie and Emmure have been the center of attention over the last few weeks due to their new album (Eternal Enemies), and one track specifically that blatantly suggests that kids should take guns to school…but as Emmure has witnessed before, bad publicity is better than no publicity.  With that said, they clearly showed that they were worthy of the headlining slot.  With all the haggard bodies after the first four bands you’d almost think that the place would be emotionless by the time Frankie and the boys took the stage.  Think again, because the floor came alive with no safe place for anyone.  They played nearly every song that you can think of, from tunes off their first record to some fresh jams that hadn’t been heard by many.  If you have yet to purchase tickets for the show in your town, I suggest that you do before it’s too late because you’ll regret missing these brutal bands all at once.

-Logan Rendulic, © 2014 The Rock Tribune 

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emmure, a set by logan.rocktribune on Flickr.

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