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Review: OTEP live at Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, PA 10/13/13

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                Currently on the road with some great up and coming bands like Stolen Babies and New Year’s Day is one of the most popular and most influential metal artists in of the last decade:  Otep Shamaya.  Otep is a band that has broken down many barriers over their last twelve years of existence; not just musically but socially due to Otep Shamaya’s involvement in the fight for equality and her strong political views.  Having a front-woman with such strong beliefs in those areas made their “claim to fame” a little easier than most bands that came into the scene around the same time.  Not taking anything away from them musically though; given the fact that the band has undergone some member changes (like nearly every other band) they’ve been able to maintain the same standards musically that they started with, while still evolving and separating themselves from all other metal artists.

                Getting back to the current tour,  the Inner-Galactic/With a Vengeance Tour, which is certainly a must see; regardless if it’s your first or tenth time seeing Otep, the opening acts on tour with them are amazing.  Stolen Babies and New Year’s Day are both bands that blend so well with the style brought to the table by Otep, it doesn’t matter if you’ve heard of them or no…if you’re an Otep fan these opening acts will certainly keep you entertained.  It’s after their sets are all done and over when the energy hits you square in the face. Once Otep steps onto the stage, get ready for hell to be unleashed because she pours every ounce of her being and demands the same from the crowd. The better the participation, the better her set is because she feeds off of her fans and gives in return what she receives from the audience. Long story short, if this tour is still coming to a city near you, take the few dollars it costs to see this show and spoil yourself with four hours of fun.  Don’t forget to stick around after the show to meet Otep at the merch table and buy an autographed CD.  Even if you can’t afford to buy something, she is humble and loves her fans all the same and will be more than happy to have a picture taken with you… free of charge, unlike some performers now a days that request money for a measly cell phone photo.

-Logan Rendulic, ©The Rock Tribune (Pittsburgh)

Vampires Everywhere – Live at Altar Bar 3/27/13

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Pittsburgh, PA     3/27/2013

Altar Bar

Hitting the Strip District of Pittsburgh was a line up jammed packed of shock rock and industrial metal.  All in attendance knew that a band like Orgy, formally signed to Korn’s Elementree Records, was going to be the highlight of the night.  The band played hits like “Stitches” and their cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday,” giving way to Davey Suicide and Vampires Everywhere!.  The latter bands were determined to not let Orgy be the only band to give fans a good time, and each gave stellar performances.

Vampires, being the Warped Tour vets they are, stole the show with hits “Drug of Choice,” Star of 666,” and “Social Suicide.”  Check out some pics below!

[slickr-flickr tag=”Vampires Everywhere”]

Photos by: Logan Rendulic ©The Rock Tribune

Orgy: Live at Altar Bar

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3/27/2013 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar

Photos: Logan Rendulic









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