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Multi-Platinum Selling Band ORGY Is Back and Calling Upon the Fans For Support!

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ORGY has officially launched their Indiegogo campaign just over 24 hours ago to help raise funds and awareness that ORGY is back and bigger than ever! With a goal set of raising $100,000 in 60 days we need ORGY fans to come together like never before and help “crowdfund” the band back to stardom. Money raised will be spent on recording, production, distribution, music videos, touring and even starting a new record label to bring new music to the rest of the world. This is a huge opportunity and an extreme undertaking, which is why ORGY is calling upon their fans for help and support. “Without the fans, we are nothing… This is why we need our fans to become something” – Jay Gordon

Why We Need You – The music industry today is very different from what the music industry was, what used to be a thriving industry of large labels has now dwindled down to just a few and has made it extremely difficult to be successful. As much of a disappointment this is, it has also opened a door for us to start a brand new label, and with your help, we can achieve ground breaking results with not just ORGY, but giving other bands an opportunity and chance in the industry with us. Without a major label backing and funding us it makes it very difficult and expensive to record, produce and distribute our music to the fans. Once we do that we need to hit the road and tour, not just nationally, but internationally as well (can you believe we have never toured Europe or Japan?). Essentially we want you guys, the fans, to help get the new band and label off the ground, that way we can maintain creative freedom and do what WE want to do and not what another label tells us to do.


We have been funding ORGY from our own pockets and have reached a point where we have taken it as far as we possibly can by ourselves, and the wells run dry. This is where we need your help, without proper backing we are unable to bring our music to the fans, so we are asking everyone to come together and back us, be our supporters, and enable us to bring our music and other artists to you and the rest of the world.


The Impact – The impact from what could come from this is enormous. With your support and backing we can launch ORGY into a national and international name once again. We have more dedication and drive to make this a success than ever before, not only with the music but with the label as well. This will give new bands the opportunity to be heard and succeed as well as ORGY. We just simply can’t continue out of our pockets anymore and going after a major label just isn’t the right path for us. We ask that you be a part of something new, something big, help revive ORGY and help bring new music to the world.


Other Ways to Help – We understand that not everyone is able or willing to support us financially, but there are many ways that you can help us and support us. Spread the word! Just as important as money is letting people know that we’re back, you can share our facebook page, tell your friends, blast social media sites and anything else you can think of to get the name of ORGY back out there! You are all amazing and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for checking out our campaign, supporting us and getting our name back out there! Get ready for the new ORGY!


History of ORGY – Originally formed in 1997, ORGY was signed to Korn’s label Elementree Records and released their debut album Candyass in 1998. Featuring their two hit singles, a cover of the New Order song “Blue Monday” and “Stitches” along with the song “Revival” featuring Jonathan Davis of KORN, the album went on to sell almost two million copies. ORGY appeared on the Family Values Tour with Korn, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube, Incubus and Rammstein and were featured on the live compilation album from the tour released in 1999. Their second album, the science fiction-themed Vapor Transmission, was released in 2000 featuring the singles “Fiction (Dreams in Digital)” and “Opticon” and the band later released the song “Faces” for the soundtrack to the movie Zoolander.


As the demand from fans for new music and a tour continued to grow over the past few years, founding member Jay Gordon (vocals) hand-selected guitarist Carlton Bost (former of Deadsy), guitarist Ashburn Miller (also from Deadsy), bassist Nic Speck (from Run-Run-Run and George Lynch) and drummer Bobby Amaro (from Nude) to come together and carry on the ORGY name. The guys, who’ve all known each other from their previous projects, have mutual respect both professionally and creatively for one another and are excited to be working together to bring ORGY back to the top.

To get involved and contribute, please check out the ORGY Music Indiegogo campaign

Official ORGY Music Facebook page:

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