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Boots of Miclordz & Sauce Funky: The Rock Tribune Interview

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Listen below!

The latest from Miclordz & Sauce Funky, My World, dropped on November 8th, 2011.  Boots (vox) took the time to hit me up to chat about the EP, what it took to make it, and what Miclordz are all about.  Be sure to grab the EP at or on iTunes.  2012 better be prepared…the end of the world?  How about the rise of Miclordz & Sauce Funky…

New Music: MicLordz & Sauce Funky

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Listening to MicLordz & Sauce Funky is like getting punched in the face by Awesome…but seeing MicLordz & Sauce Funky LIVE? That’s more like getting baseball batted in the face…by Awesome.

Miclordz & Sauce Funky (MLSF) formed in Windsor, Ontario, during the fall of 2006. An amalgamation of an existing hip-hop act and three outside muscians, the fivesome came together from diverse musical backgrounds, but with a common goal – to play legendary live shows and to push themselves to new heights.

Over the last five years the group has made it their business to grind: a business that they have grown to excel at. This work ethic has garnered them an array of D.I.Y. successes, and also left them with a reputation for being professional, reliable and dedicated, making them a favourite among promoters, tour managers, club owners, producers, and fans alike. They’re live shows are second to none, with an energy that is unrivalled and uncompromised, an energy that never dwindles or stutters, whether they’re rocking for 1000 people or 10.

The sound is an extraordinary hybrid of rock, hip-hop and funk, often likened to raw collision of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rage Against The Machine. It is bursting with an undeniable edge that grabs the audience, whether witnessing the live event or listening at home. The group continues to write these high-energy songs while encompassing ever-stronger song writing techniques that are helping their music find mass appeal, while never losing touch with their roots, their fans, or their reasons for making music in the first place.

In April/May of this year Miclordz & Sauce Funky entered the studio again, more prepared than ever with true songwriting in mind as they laid it down. They are armed with new songs that truly represent their talent, creativity, and professionalism. We are sure you’ll agree.

The music is real. The band is real. Their story and struggle is real. Allow yourself a pat on the back, for you have stumbled upon a gem. Welcome to the world of MLSF.

Stay tuned for the exclusive Rock Tribune interview!

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