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Artist Watch: The Fuse

Posted in Artist Watch with tags , , , on July 5, 2011 by Randy

Previously known as Lato, the band has been through many highs and lows in their career ranging from being offered a $250,000 record deal in the USA which was dogged with deaths and affairs.  This finally resulted in the label going under and the band having to self-fund there own way home from America .
After deciding to make a fresh start, the band changed their name to The Fuse and released their debut album under the new name titled Freedom Of The City.  Since the album release, The Fuse have transcended from performing to 3 people at a gig in London , to supporting UB40 in Holland to a crowd of 2,500.  They have also received over 50,000 plays on YouTube and other video platforms, with various radio stations around the world now picking up on their unique sound.

A FREE copy of their track Phantom can be downloaded from their Facebook site
Further information about The Fuse including recently announced gig dates can be found on their websites

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