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Baltimore, MD Heavy Hitters SKY CAME BURNING Unleash Brand New Lyric Video for Thought-Provoking Title Track ‘Vertigo’

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New EP “Vertigo” Coming Early 2014

Fast-advancing Baltimore, MD metalcore band SKY CAME BURNING are releasing another exclusive for their diehard fans, this time in the form of a new lyric video for the title track off of their new EP, ‘Vertigo’. The track puts a back and forth conversation between a parent and child to music. The song was again recorded with Drewsif Stalin and the lyric video was created by Josiah Moore (Sirens and Sailors, You and Die). Check out the lyric video here:

“This song is obviously on the heavier side of our EP, but we hope people can get through the anger and on to the message,” states drummer Randall James. “‘Vertigo’ is about any kid whose ever been told to make the decision to quit something they’re passionate about. We’re told our entire life to “dream big” and “go for the gold”, but whenever we stray from the beaten path and go for something with an identity (being in a band) it’s shut down or frowned upon.”

Randall adds, “In the song, the parents are pretty much asking the kid to choose between their dream or their parents. Make a decision or get the hell out basically, we’re not going to support you any longer. The song really hits home for a lot of us, being a DIY band of semi-older ages and all. We’re not “slumming” it by any means of the word and have had a lot of support, but just the negative comments here and there, that awkward moment when people find out you’re still living at home at 26 when they’ve graduated, got married, and most times had kids. Really, the song can be interpreted however the listener likes.”




Late last month, SKY CAME BURNING released their new music video for the track ‘Remora’. The video is directed by Drewsif Stalin and is available for viewing at the band’s official YouTube page at this link:


‘Remora’ and ‘Vertigo’ are cut from the band’s upcoming EP Vertigo, set for release early next year.


SKY CAME BURNING have been performing up and down Eastern portion of the U.S. for the last few years, grabbing a substantial following and turning heads as they go. The band has shared the stage with numerous headliners like All That Remains, Sevendust, Periphery, and Born of Osiris, and won the battle of the bands for both Warped Tour and Uproar Festival this past year.


Although SKY CAME BURNING’s main focus right now is to focus on finalizing their new EP, they will perform at Empire in Springfield, VA with The Ghost Inside, Volumes and Texas and July on December 13th, and tickets are just $14. The band plans to tour in early 2014 in support of their new EP.

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