Band To Hit The Road on First Ever Tour Starting August 14th 

Also Opening for Godsmack on Select Tour Stops

(New York, NY – August 2nd, 2011) – The hard rock music genre is finally getting a long overdue injection of aggression when Adrenaline Mob releases their self-titled debut EP on August 9th. The EP will available via iTunes as well as sold in physical form at the band’s upcoming shows and online store.  Self-produced by the band, Adrenaline Mob features 4 original tracks as well as a blistering cover of the Dio-era Black Sabbath classic, “The Mob Rules.”  From the opening riff of “Psychosane” through the over 6 minute epic sounding “Hit The Wall,” it is clear that Adrenaline Mob are inclass all their own as musicians.

“Releasing the EP gives fans around the world a chance to get a taste of the Mob NOW without having to wait until the full length album comes out at the beginning of next year,” states Portnoy.

Comprised of some of rock music’s most notable faces and names, one thing Adrenaline Mob is not is a side project.  The band is made up of the powerful and soaring vocals of Russell Allen, the shredding guitar attack of Mike Orlando and the rock solid rhythm playing of Rich Ward, the drivingbass groove of Paul DiLeo and the legendary drumming of Mike Portnoy.

Hot on the heels of the release of Adrenaline Mob, the band will be heading out on their first ever headline tour on August 14th, which runs through mid-September. The tour kicks off in Allentown, PA and will be making stops in various markets including Chicago, Denver and San Francisco to name a few. A live video of the band performing“The Mob Rules” from their debut live show can be viewed here and is approaching 120,000 views since it was put up a month ago.  The band has also been tapped to open for Godsmack on select dates of their upcoming tour.

Adrenaline Mob formed in 2011 when Orlandoapproached Allen with some song ideas.  Allen and Orlando refined those ideas at which time Allen reached out to long-time friend Portnoy to see if he had any interest in playing with them.  Portnoy jumped on-board and soon thereafter, DiLeo and Ward were recruited to join the family.  From the very first note, the chemistry was apparent and the beast that is known as Adrenaline Mob was born.

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