Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld on “Any Man In America” :::: Due out August 16, 2011

While prepping for the release of “Any Man In America,” (Blue October’s seventh full length album) Justin Furstenfeld gave me a call with all its raw details.  The album is a chronological order of events dating back to their last release, “Approaching Normal.”  Pick up the new album August 16th…it plays out like a novel.  To hear more about it and the answers to some fan questions on Facebook, listen below:

Blue October 

6 Responses to “Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld on “Any Man In America” :::: Due out August 16, 2011”

  1. Thank you so much for answering my question Justin about if you still believe in love and marriage! Once again, love and respect your honesty!!! So proud to hear that your daughter is your number one priority! Much love to you!


  2. Justin needs to man up and stop crying about paying child support! It seems like he has a different story with each interview. I call BS!!!!!! I was a Blue October until recently. So sick of hearing the whining!

  3. Ross, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Every father has their own conviction to honor their children! Who the fuck are you to call his devotion and efforts “whining”. Your a bitch!

    Justin is going through a period in his life which is critical to his life’s purpose!!!
    I am thankful for Justin to share what he does of his struggles, it allows us all know that OUR struggles and setbacks are not uncommon and that we can indeed, know Justin is Any Man in America! Realness is how we all have to live, even if we can’t find our own resources! Blue October is doing a lot of awareness this tour of Father’s, Father’s rights & wrongs and the anger that breeds while EVERYTHING that shouldn’t comes in between, does! My ex-husband told me peaceful split, I should have known better and I have learned the ugly and hard way.
    This whole album is about his life during, after and now from divorce and trying to raise his child, which is his current battle!!!
    When his new relationship blooms without strain, he will turn his band to a different tune, but for now… All the true Blue fans are getting it and offering the whole band support and success. Blue October is and should always be a very personal massage of the soul and heart. I LOVE the band, the lyrics, theatrics and the causes.

  4. As a person with Bipolar Disorder, who went through my own divorce last year, I can completely relate. The fact that Justin is so open, honest and raw about what he has been through helps those of us who are standing in similar shoes to not feel so alone.

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