Hyro Da Hero’s “Birth, School. Work, Death” OUT NOW

HYRO!!!  Where the F have you been!  Finally.  Something refreshing…revitalizing the rap/rock game…and as referenced by Hyro Da Hero himself….its a new GANGSTA ROCK GENRE.

HDH can’t be compared to anyone else, he’s that original.  But…if you had to…it’s a blender full of Rage Against the Machine, Gorillaz, Incubus, and a touch of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth.  But fresh…whitty…true…and a slap in your face saying, “Get the fuck up!  Bounce!  Rock the fuck out!”  Oh yeah…Hyro is the first and only known artist to play 3 separate stages at the Download Festival in the same year (2011).   His first major debut, Birth, School, Work, Death is out now.  You’d be a damn fool not to get it (click on the image).  Also, you can catch Hyro Da Hero on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour at a City near you.

Key tracks:  The World’s Stage, Sleeping Giants, A Conversation with Hip Hop

– Randy Hall, TRT


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