Texas In July: The Review

The album explodes with the blistering tune “Cry Wolf,” which consists of every sound they have used in the past, just more refined. Vocalist Alex Good hasn’t let up one bit on his eardrum pounding vocals, but has added a toned down raspy growl accentuated by screams and a bit of a yell on the side…still bringing the intensity and passion.  The magnificent guitar work that is displayed on this album is like nothing they have ever done before.  Christian Soyer and Chris Davis have busted out a melodic sound on a majority of the songs.  “Crux Lust” and the single “Bed of Nails” are just brutal, technical songs, that highlight another instrumental aspect that makes TIJ one of the best metal bands on the charts: the beats laid down by drummer Adam Gray.

Texas In July” might just be one of the best albums released this year, currently holding its own near the top with a highly notable band, As I Lay Dying.  So cash your paycheck, get to the store (or iTunes) and purchase this beautiful work of art that will keep your head banging for hours.

Band: Texas In July

Album: Texas In July   ‘self titled’

Label:  Equal Vision Records


Written by: Logan Rendulic     Edited by:  Randy Hall     © TheRockTribune.com

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