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Show Review: Dinosaur Pile-Up

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Stage AE//Pittsburgh, PA//7.10.14

On Thursday, July 10th, three lads from West Yorkshire England by the names of Matt, Mike and Jim came to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to play what is their spin on a very influential music genre: 90’s alternative and grunge. In a brief interview with them we learned many things, but the most important thing we got was where they drew influence(s) from, and after hearing their songs and seeing the live show, it’s easy to tell Nirvana and Foo Fighters shaped what we know as Dinosaur Pile-Up. Now before discussing their live performance and finer details about the band, we will answer the question everyone is asking: “How did they get their name?” Well, from Matt’s mouth to your eyes, here’s how it happened…Prior to the inception of this project Matt said he was watching a shitty Godzilla remake, and at one point in the movie there is a herd, (I think they’d be called a herd) or a group if you will, of dinosaurs running and the lead dinosaur tripped eventually causing… you guessed it, a DINOSAUR PILE-UP! He claims that as soon as he saw that he jokingly thought, “That’d be a unique name for a band.” A few years later when the band was sitting there trying to come up a name he figured, “Why not use it? It’s different! Thus giving birth to Dinosaur Pile-Up.

-Check out photos here!-

Now onto the performance displayed at Stage AE that night…I personally was not fortunate enough to ever witness a Nirvana concert in person but this show may be the closest I’ll ever be able to get to one. It was everything a grunge concert was and is supposed to be; angst, raw emotion, and jam sessions. DPU has two albums to date, Nature Nature and Growing Pains (with Nature Nature being the most recent). Regardless of which is your “favorite” album, their set list won’t disappoint considering they play a beautiful selection from each album respectfully. To take a step back from specifically the Pittsburgh date, I was given testimonials (via social media) from people at two other shows that DPU played, and they too were floored by the performances. One of the individuals went as far as to say “Kurt Cobain has been reincarnated” when describing guitarist/vocalist Matt Bigland’s stage presence. By the way, before it’s forgotten and not mentioned in this article, this was not a headlining show for Dinosaur Pile-Up, even though there is no doubt in my mind that it would be successful if they attempted a North American headlining tour. They were actually one of two opening acts for this band called Brand New that is fronted by a gentleman named Jesse Lacey… maybe you’ve heard of them.

Sadly, with as great as this tour was, it was short lived due to the fact that it was only scheduled to be a small 6-7 city loop in the Northeast region on the United States. However, we can report that sometime in the near future Matt and the rest of the guys in Dinosaur Pile-Up do plan on doing a bigger North American tour, and plan on making Pittsburgh a stop yet again. Be sure to keep a look out and catch their next show in your town. It’s the perfect excuse to bust out your old converse and hole filled jeans!


Logan Rendulic © The Rock Tribune 2014

Review: Summerland Tour 2014

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When the Summerland Tour pulled into Pittsburgh on June 20th it felt just like a spring Seattle day in 1995; not just because of the 90’s alternative that was playing all around, but because of the dreary/rainy day that the city was experiencing. The spring of 2014 marked the 3rd year in a row for the Summerland Tour which features acts from the 90’s that play and still record music such as this year’s participants: Everclear, Eve6, Soul Asylum and Spacehog.

The day’s event in Pittsburgh started off with an English alt rock act that goes by the name of Spacehog. I personally had never heard of these guys, and I think the same goes for most of the people who were in attendance that day, regardless of knowing their music they played a great set from start to finish. Not only did they play well as a group and play some awesome songs they were also very interactive with the crowd and just had a professional presence about them. Next to take the stage was the “great” Eve6. Their performance was kind of bland…so bland that I would suggest using that time to use the restroom and grab you a beer before their last song. Not to knock them as musicians though, they sounded great and tried everything they could to make sure the crowd had a good time. Unfortunately, that night at Stage AE just wasn’t theirs. The only highlight was their last song and possibly the only song from them that everyone knew, “Inside Out.” It seems the fact that no one really knew any of their other songs was the reason the whole performance seemed “flat” to say the least.

Following the disappointing performance by Eve6, was maybe one of the most underrated bands from the 90’s alternative scene, Soul Asylum. One of the first songs they played was their 1995 hit “Misery,” and because they started the set with a big hit like that, the crowd really got into the show and made the rest of the night smooth sailing for them. fter their allotted time was up came the epic performance of the band that most people were there to see and the band who is responsible for putting on the entire tour: Everclear. Art Alexakis, frontman of Everclear, is one of the ones responsible for the idea of this 90’s based music tour and the one who has helped make this tour a yearly event. The band took the stage playing some old school classics and fan favorites like Santa Monica, Heroin Girl, and Wonderful. They even included some new hits like Be Careful What You Ask For, which was off their latest album titled “Invisible Stars.”

Minus the few bumps that may occur during this tour, like not so popular bands and some unknown tunes, the Summerland Tour of 2014 was a very well organized and put together. Hopefully this tour continues to have a long and healthy run and these acts from the 90’s era don’t give up on us quite yet. If you were unable to catch a show during this year’s tour we suggest you keep your eyes open for next year’s dates and make it to a show; certainly a tour that’s worth attending.


Logan Rendulic, © The Rock Tribune 2014

LP RECHARGE debuts September 12th

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Welcome to LP RECHARGE, a Facebook-based game launching on September 12th powered by music megastars Linkin Park (the biggest band on Facebook with more than 55 million Likes and counting) and gaming giant Kuuluu Interactive Entertainment that boasts action-packed sequences, unlimited strategies and a musical score by Linkin Park.  LP RECHARGE is set in the not-too-distant future where humans have depleted all natural resources on the planet and what little energy stores remain have been seized by machines and an elite minority. Players join cooperatively to battle their captors and recharge the world with clean energy.  Watch the game trailer here:

Sustainable energy has been a priority for Linkin Park, whose non-profit charity organization Music For Relief provides aid to people affected by natural disasters via environmental and clean energy projects.  Music for Relief’s environmental program, Power The World, was created to bring attention to the 1.5 billion people who lack electricity, which compromises their health, safety, education and livelihoods.  LP RECHARGE reflects these concerns through thrilling gameplay adventures.

In addition to saving the world, LP RECHARGE allows players to unlock the exhilarating new LINKIN PARK x STEVE AOKI song, “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES.”  Check out the song teaser at: and REGISTER FOR THE GAME at: to hear more and get a head start on playing LP RECHARGE!

Vans Warped Tour 2013 – Pittsburgh [Review]

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Yet again, the Vans Warped Tour is the must see North American tour with some fifty plus bands ranging in genres from Hardcore (No Bragging Rights) to Pop/Punk, Metal, and even some 90’s alternative (Reel Big Fish).  Just like every year though, there are so many bands to see and not enough time – hint:  grab a time schedule for your city and plan wisely.  Dressing accordingly doesn’t hurt either…you’ll most likely be running from stage to stage, over black top, and maybe even over a hill or two just catch your favorite artists.  Regardless of those minor setbacks, this tour is always a good time and a staple for music enthusiasts.

Opening up the day in Pittsburgh, PA were a couple big names in the industry: Hawthorne Heights and Like Moths to Flames.  Speaking of Hawthorne Heights, a unique bit of information was learned after talking to JT Woodruff (guitarist and vocalist of Hawthorne Heights)…First Niagara Pavilion (previously Star Lake Amphitheater) was the site for JT’s first ever concert experience as a spectator and the days act was none other than Boys to Men.  As the day flew by bands and fans alike had to endure blistering temperatures which then turned into a short period of rain, followed by the sun coming back out and boosting the humidity to high levels.  A good example for dressing accordingly and staying hydrated was front man for The Amity Affliction (Joel Birch), who was rushed to the hospital about a half hour before the bands set.  He suffered from a slight heat stroke and the band had to cancel the days show as well as the following tour stop.  Within a few hours of being taken to the hospital we were informed by their merch guy that Joel was in stable condition.  Thankfully everything was fine for him but it is just a small reminder to everyone that the heat and dehydration is nothing to laugh at, ignorance towards the matter could result in a horrible outcome.  Wrapping up the day were some of the most popular acts around, bands from industry veterans like August Burns Red and Sleeping with Sirens, to a band that has been climbing the charts and gaining recognition by everyone in the metal-core scene, Crown the Empire.  CTE is signed to Rise Records and have been working their tails off over the last year to promote their first major label release, “The Fallout,” which has been getting lots of attention from every media outlet.  The kids in Crown the Empire embody so much passion and energy, and have a bright future ahead of them.  Great music and an amazing live set certify them as a must see band, no matter the tour and/or venue.

Hats off to Kevin Lyman (creator of Warped, Mayhem, and Taste of Chaos tours) and all the bands that helped Warped Tour ’13 live up to the reputation it’s acquired over the years.  To those out there who live near a city with an upcoming date, make sure you make it…you won’t be disappointed.

-Logan Rendulic, © The Rock Tribune 2013

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FREE INDIE/ALTERNATIVE MUSIC SAMPLER ON AMAZON MP3, COURTESY OF ARTISTS.MTV & ‘stache media: Compilation includes music from Alabama Shakes, Allen Stone, Jenny O., Jim James, Kate Earl, Kodaline, The Bronx and more

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There are very few things better than free music, especially when combining rising talent and artist discovery. The Artists.MTV 15-track sampler features songs from a heap of talented artists that you should know: Everest, The Bronx, Alabama Shakes,  Allen Stone, Jim James, Two Gallants, Stars, Alberta Cross, Mother Mother, Paul Kelly, On the Fifty, Jenny O., Samantha Crain, Kate Earl and Kodaline. The Artists.MTV sampler is available now for free download on Amazon MP3.

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artists.mtv samplerTrack Listing:

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Allen Stone/Satisfaction

Jim James/A New Life

Two Gallants/My Love Won’t Wait

Stars/Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

Alberta Cross/Money for the Weekend (Pocket Full of Shame)

Mother Mother/Bit By Bit

Paul Kelly/When a Woman Loves a Man

On the Fifty/The Future

Jenny O./Good Love

Samantha Crain/Never Going Back

Kate Earl/One Woman Army

Kodaline/All I Want


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ASLEEP To Release New Album Unpleasant Companion On February 7th

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In support of their highly anticipated album release, Unpleasant Companion, Asleep will be heading out on a few dates! Asleep will be performing at Ultra Lounge on February 18th. To purchase tickets or for more information, please visit:

The indie rock four-piece, known as Asleep, will be releasing their new album Unpleasant Companionon February 7th. The album was recorded in four days to capture a live dynamic onto 16-track 2-inch analog tape with legendary Chicago engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, Page and Plant, Iggy Pop and the Stooges). The result was a raw and powerful rock sound that will put the listener right inside their live experience!

Consisting of Todd Kaden (vocals/guitar), Jon Dean (guitar), Cory Snyder (bass/vocals), and Shawn Logan (drums/percussion), Asleep is a rock band with an experimental focus. They write pop songs that reflect a rusty optimism prevalent throughout their northeast Ohio surroundings. Their two previous releases, All These Things We’ll Never Need” recorded by Bill Korecky (Mushroomhead) and Between, Above, and Below produced by Mike Watts (As Tall As Lions, The Dear Hunter), received great reviews selling over 10,000 physical copies.

Asleep has performed at SXSW 2010 & 2011, opened for Deftones, as well as sharing the stage with The Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, Sonic Youth and Kings of Leon at Blossom Music Center and Tower City Amphitheater in Cleveland, OH. Having toured the midwest, northeast and south various times, performing well over 300 shows since late 2006, Asleep is ready to take the world by storm with Unpleasant Companion.

Unpleasant Companion is a summation of their musicianship, uniqueness and endurance. The first single “Hip To Deaf” showcases their raw sound and catchy beat, leaving you no choice but to move to the music. While “Deserted”, their second single, paints a picture with their thought-provoking lyrics, frequently reminiscent of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd.

“The album’s central theme explores how we manage to stay so addictively connected yet simplistically separated from one another through the same digital loops in the current fabric of the information age” states Asleep.

Asleep will release Unpleasant Companion on February 7th. Please go to for more updates.

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